A downloadable twine project for Windows and macOS

Have you ever wondered – WHO is the man with the master plan?

The Eggman. Better known as Dr. Robotnik. Thanks to the work of a mischievous rogue, you have gained access to this generation's most brilliant mind.

"For Whom the Hog Rolls" was conceived as an exploratory character study of Dr. Robotnik and his relationship to a certain two-tailed fox. This short twine fiction includes multiple inbox and outbox messages to explore and a password to discover for an "eggcellent" experience!

All copyright for "Sonic the Hedgehog" franchise is SEGA/SEGA of America

Install instructions

This game was built in Twine2 and is recommended to be experienced via Google Chrome or Firefox 


For whom the hog rolls.html 430 kB

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